I Assure You We're Open!

Okay, we’re back.

A lot has gone down since Air in the Paragraph Line #13 came out back in 2010.  I’ve published two new books and re-released another.  The whole publishing industry has changed because of this Kindle thing.  Four Loko has been banned in New York.  Hot Tub Time Machine was released. I think a space shuttle blew up or got retired or something, but I wasn’t really paying that much attention.

I’ve been writing and sending out a lot of flash fiction, and I’ve had trouble finding really cool markets.  There are some out there, but a lot of places publishing flash fiction are doing the same boring crap that made me start AITPL in the first place, except now it’s a thousand words long.  I don’t want some story about an alcoholic college professor who has a distant wife.  I want aliens, zombies, a cult devoted to bad Nic Cage movies that perform autopsies at the Kroger deli counter while obsessively listening to Bonnie Raitt records backwards.

So, let’s get this thing started.  Here’s the deal:

  • The name has changed.  I used to call the zine Air in the Paragraph Line.  This is being shortened to just Paragraph Line.  Our imprint is still called Paragraph Line Books.
  • Instead of publishing a big book every year or ten, we will be moving to online publication.  That’s right, you’ll be able to come back to this very page for a new dose of your favorite writers, for free.  This will be ongoing, and for now, I’m going to do it monthly.  If I get enough stuff in, I’ll switch to weekly.
  • If you still like to kill trees, do not despair.  We’re going to take the best of the best from online, add some new exclusives and other fun stuff, and keep publishing anthology versions, starting with #14.  These will be print-on-demand and will be as cheap as possible, and filled with tons of reading, just like the previous versions.  We’ll also be doing Kindle e-book versions, too.
  • In addition to longer stories like we’ve published in the past, we’ll also be taking and publishing flash fiction.  That means intense bursts of story in under a thousand words, which is perfect for those of us with unmedicated and unchecked ADD.
  • We now use Submittable (aka Submishmash) for submissions, so it’s easier than ever to send in stuff and keep track of it.
  • In the times between new stuff, I’d like to do as much as possible to showcase writers and other publications.  That means reviews, interviews, articles, and other good reading material you can use to waste time on your iPhone in the crapper.

So, readers, stay tuned, and help spread the word.  Writers, I’m looking for stories and I’m offering a perfect opportunity for you to shamelessly self-promote your work elsewhere.  Please click on the Submissions link to check out our guidelines and send in stories, or go to About Us to read more and get in touch.