How Do You Love a Capitalist? by Timothy Gager

I go on a Valentine’s bender buying the super-duper extra-large box of chocolates which barely wedged into a shopping cart, a stuffed teddy bear, cards with gooey Hallmark sentiment, some with funny “bend you over the sofa” quotations and finally ones featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Then I’m buying pajama-grams and something from Victoria’s Secret which can be purchased on-line and a poem written by Neruda, I’m printing out in red—bold on white paper thicker than what’s usually in the printer,

It was during the last snow storm that I cheated on her; told her I was going to work, called the office and said the weather was too rough. When the going gets tough…three dozen roses can be purchased tomorrow, 24 red and 12 white, wrapped up with a necklace with a heart shaped pendant of tiny diamonds on its border, then breakfast in bed and shit, did I forget anything? How about something for her cat?

Timothy Gager is the author of eight books of poetry and fiction. Over 250 pieces of his work have been published on-line or in print. He lives on