Remember when New York had book stores?

There was a shitty Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie with a title I won’t even repeat here that had to do with big chain bookstores pushing out little independent ones. Well, now the big chains are closing, too. $40K a month rent in Manhattan will do that, as well as that whole deal where people don’t read anymore, and buy their 50 Shades books online.

The saddest part of this article is the laundry list of book stores I used to go to in the 00s when I lived out in the big smear.  I really miss Coliseum, but also did a lot of damage to Borders, and even that flagship B&N that got shuttered last year.  How long will The Strand hang in?  Depressing stuff.

Surging Rents Force Booksellers From Manhattan –