I believe that a trip to Nevada may be in order.  Yes, over at Neatorama, we have the ultimate experience, halfway between Reno and Las Vegas, for those of you who thought Stephen King‘s It sounded like the vacation of a lifetime. It’s a Clown Motel situated next to a graveyard filled with plague-infected gold miners. Add to that the frisson of danger that comes from being close to a top secret test range and I believe I found a destination that made it to the top of my personal vacation bucket list. Of course, once I visit it, I won’t be able to finish my bucket list, because a gold-mining dead clown will have eaten my soul. YOLO!

About Jan Ovcak

Jan Ovcak is currently laboring on several important works of criticism at once, in near-complete obscurity. "You can only predict things after they have happened." -Eugene Ionesco.

  • Walter Rogers

    Man, what a great place to put on your bucket list. I’m a photographer and would take a shitload of photos of these creeporama for sure. Thanks for writing about this terrific Americana spot.

  • Walter Rogers

    “this” creeporama, I meant.