Hey, remember 2019?

You’d think that given I can’t leave the house anymore, I would update this more often than every two years. Ugh.

OK, so 2019 in review: Baby Yoda, bottle cap challenge, that big cathedral in France burned down, The Big Bang Theory finally fucking ended, there were 167 different documentaries about the Fyre Festival, everyone wanted to go to Area 51, some weird Japanese woman with an annoying voice urged us to throw out half our shit, and there were something like 19 Marvel movies. And of course, all of you remember where you were when you heard the McRib was coming back on October 7th. #neverforget

We had two books published last year, which I neglected to mention here. Better late than never:

  • Needs Work, by John Sheppard – Once upon a time in Cleveland… Phil Derleth, a former Army “combat cartoonist,” comes home to Cleveland, Ohio after a messy divorce. Phil is brain-damaged from a war wound and there are holes in his memory. His father Larry, a stone mason living on disability, takes him in. Soon enough, Phil finds himself embroiled in all sorts of trouble, including dodging the Ohio Department of Transportation, blood-stealing tramps, the ghost of his dead mother and stray dogs who are more than they appear to be. One stray in particular will show Phil the way back to a life that he may have forgotten.
  • Ranch: The Musical, by Jon Konrath -Absurdist writer Jon Konrath returns with a new collection of flash, micro-fiction, and other gonzo, neo-dada, post-apocalyptic weirdness. This new hoard of twenty-one bite-sized pieces is reminiscent of Konrath’s weird underground zine work, such as Mandatory Laxative and Air in the Paragraph Line, intermixed with longer bizarre stories. Includes  You Can’t Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Two Pounds of Grade-D Hamburger Meat, The Curse of the Van Hagar Enema Bag, ALSO MAKES A GREAT DIP!, and Brutal Kevin and the Mandatory Laxative Printing Mishap.

Anyway, there’s more on the way in 2020, so stay tuned. It would be a good time to follow us on our Facebook page, which we also don’t update in a timely manner. I’m working on it, honest.