About Us

Paragraph Line is a journal of absurdist and outsider fiction, culture blogging, and cough syrup abuse instructional videos. Great emphasis is placed on not publishing “the usual”.

We publish regularly online, and have published a “best of” print (and ebook) anthology. We’re privately funded, and not affiliated with any school or writing program, which means we’re not following the same old stodgy formula as traditional journals.

In addition to PL, we publish other books, too. Check out our Books page to see our entire catalog, along with information on where to buy and how to download titles for free.

This started in 1996 with Air in the Paragraph Line, a zine produced by Jon Konrath as a newsletter to document his writing exploits and mail to his friends. After six issues and an extended hiatus, the format expanded in 2005 to a small literary journal of writing by Konrath and several other writers. He published work he enjoyed reading, the kind of fiction and fact that kept him glued to the pages, in hopes that others would like it, too.

Get In Touch

For submissions, please see our submissions page.

We love to hear from other writers, satisfied readers, or anyone else. The best way to get in touch is to use the form below or drop a line; our address is info at paragraphline.com

We love paper zines and newsletters and free books and postcards, but we don’t love paper spam from people offering to refinance our mortgage. If you’ve got some dead tree you’d like to send our way, drop us an email and we’ll give you the coordinates.

Please contact us if:

  • You also publish a literary journal/zine and would like to trade or otherwise network.
  • You work for a web or print publication that reviews books or zines and would like a copy and more information.
  • You liked an issue or story and would like to tell us. (I can also forward email to authors, in most cases.)

To contact us, email “info” at paragraphline dot com.