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Alfred Beach is an amateur scientist and landmine enthusiast who writes Civil War erotica and collects vintage medical equipment. He lives in New York City and does not have a web page.

On David Lynch’s Art Not Being David Lynch Enough

Six-men-getting-sick-featureSo David Lynch has an art exhibit at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. And Ken Johnson at the New York Times has accused it of not being “Lynchian” enough. I’ll let you read more of the argument over at Dangerous Minds:

David Lynch not being Lynchian enough according to New York Times | Dangerous Minds.

My first thought on seeing the headline was “oh shit, that new Twin Peaks is gonna suck.”  But then I read half of the art at the show is stuff he did before he was even a filmmaker.  And looking at the walk-through on youtube makes me think the art critic is full of shit.  Then I remembered all critics are full of shit.  (And I’m a critic too, and so am I.)

Anyway, check out the aforementioned YouTube link.  And for fuck’s sake, if you’re east of the Mississippi, go to this thing; it closes in January.

Let the Pynchon deluge begin

Is Thomas Pynchon a recluse?  Is it a myth that Thomas Pynchon is a recluse? Is it a myth that it is a myth that Thomas Pynchon is a recluse? Is it a myth that it is a myth that it is a myth that Thomas Pynchon is a recluse? Is it a myth that it is a myth that it is a myth that it is a myth that Thomas Pynchon is a recluse?

Expect more articles as we get closer to the release of IV right before Christmas, but here’s a new one over at Vice:

Thomas Pynchon and the Myth of the Reclusive Author.

Coming next week: my article on how Is it a myth that it is a myth that it is a myth that it is a myth that it is a myth that Thomas Pynchon is a recluse.

Impress your literary friends with these great t-shirts

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 10.13.34 AMWant to show folks you pretend to read great books?  Check out these awesome t-shirts at The Suitable Shirts store.

Remember, it’s always best to show other people you’re a superior human being with the things you’ve bought, rather than the things you do.

(Yes, the shirts are real and you can buy them. This is not a joke.  Well, it is.  But they are actually purchasable on the Zazzle store.)

The Love for Analog

Scan 10When Konrath is not rambling on about UFOs, he sometimes has a good point.  Check out this entry on The Wrath of Kon, which starts talking about how he’s idiotically decided to start dumping all of his money into film cameras, but then has some good points on our relationship to digital versus analog works.

Check out our new book page

cover-justfront-3px-inborderDid you know we publish books?  Of course not; our site sucks.  Or I should say sucked, because we’ve been making a ton of changes lately.

One of our big updates is our book page. We now have a slick new set of page for our books. Check this out:

The top level page has all of our books listed, with pretty covers and buttons to buy books (which you should) and share them on social media sites.  Click on a book to go to its page, and you’ll see more info, including reviews from Goodreads.

Paragraph Line Books just released our tenth book this year (Jon Konrath’s Atmospheres) and we have many more in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more updates.

David Cronenberg exhibition in Amsterdam

A couple of months ago, I mentioned the Cronenberg exhibit in Toronto. Which unfortunately ended. Well, it’s back, and you can get some legal hash and hookers when you visit!

David Cronenberg: The Exhibition is now at Amsterdam’s EYE Film Institute. It once again features props from the movies, original costumes, set photos, and screenings of all his films, from Shivers and Videodrome to Scanners .

Another link to check out: – looks like it’ll be running until September.  Fingers crossed they eventually bring this to New York or somewhere else in the US.


Distraction-free writing, 1925-style

the-isolator-640x539Back in the day, scifi writer Hugo Gernsback apparently had the same kind of ADD I do, and spent all of his writing time reading whatever people read instead of FacePlace, maybe some telegraph-based social networking thing. So how would he get around his crippling distractions and get writing done? Science, bitches!

His invention was called the Isolator. Basically it was a helmet that clamped over your head and made you completely deaf. It also blocked your eyesight except for a narrow slit, enough to see a single line. To avoid suffocation, it would pump in oxygen from a tank. It also made you look like a character from a Tool video, although that wouldn’t come along for another 70 or so years.

I’m currently working on an Isolator mark 2. It’s similar to Hugo’s setup, but has a tube for Coke Zero and adult beverages. The oxygen tank also has a Y valve so I can pump in nitrous or maybe ether. Does anyone know how I can Kickstarter this shit?

(via Laughing Squid)

Writers’ notebooks: ‘A junkyard of the mind’

I’m a big paper user for my notes, experiments, and doodles. An army of dust mites are happily enjoying decades of my work I need to scan in.

The British Library has been doing this with a bunch of famous writers’ notebooks, putting them online. I generally do not give a shit about Charles Dickens, but I do love to see stuff like Blake’s notebooks.

Here’s an overview via the BBC, or check out the library’s site for more.

(from the BBC

Read an excerpt of Jon Konrath’s Atmospheres at Bizarro Central

Atmospheres_Cover_for_KindleBizarro Central, the cult publisher of the strange and, well, bizarre, runs a flash fiction Friday that’s always got some choice stuff. This week, they’re running an excerpt from Jon Konrath’s recent book Atmospheres.

Check it out here. And it’s worth it to go back through the rest of their Friday posts.

And if you haven’t checked this book out yet, you really should. Grab it in print or on the kindle. Drink some NyQuil and flip it open to any random page. Fun stuff.