Air in the Paragraph Line #10

Air in the Paragraph Line is a print journal of absurdist and outsider fiction. Issue 10 is the first “new format” edition, when we moved from our photocopied zine roots to a POD-printed 6×9″ book with perfect binding and a glossy cover.  It’s also when we expanded the format to include more writing from a bigger variety of writers.

Issue ten features writing from Tim Gager, John Sheppard, Robert Howington, Julie Wiskirchen, Jon Konrath, Todd Taylor, Bradley Sands, Josh Hamilton, Larry Falli, Melpomene Whitehead, Vijay Prozak, Hippy Steve Huffman, and Sgt. Zeno. It contains 14 great stories and absolutely no crappy music reviews.

The issue is available here at for only $9.99 plus shipping.

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  • 166 pages