Rumored to Exist

By Jon Konrath

“A compelling 600-page masterpiece about actuary tables, lint storage methods, the conspiratory theories of wall moss, and the changing pH levels of several prehistoric glaciers, Rumored to Exist explores the naked underworld of Holly Hobby collectibles, the illegal marketing techniques behind candy cigarettes, and the sex life of Ralph Nader.  A page turner you won’t want to miss!”

Okay, not really.

Rumored to Exist is a collection of 201 vignettes or flash fiction pieces, loosely tied together into a non-linear narrative about a protagonist attempting to find meaning in a bizarre near-future world. It’s a densely packed stew of ideas flashed together, morphing between dreams, emails, conversations, and action. It’s a novel in the style of Naked Lunch, written for today’s short-attention-span hypertextual world.

Influenced heavily by Burroughs, Mark Leyner, Raymond Federman, and Hunter S. Thompson, Jon Konrath knit together the dense patchwork of fiction over a seven-year period in a half-dozen cities across the US.

Rumored to Exist, which was originally published in print in 2002, has been re-released in eBook format by Paragraph Line Books.

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  • 264 pages (print)
  • ISBN: 978-0595234769 (print, iUniverse)
  • ISBN: 978-0-9844223-1-9 (eBook, Kindle)
  • ISBN: 978-1-4581-0977-4 (eBook, Smashwords)