No, we are not currently (5/19/18) open for submissions for flash, short stories, or novels.

  • For online flash fiction, please take a look at the guidelines and submit your genius with our Submittable (aka Submishmash) page at If it says we are not open for submissions, we are not open for submissions. (Hint: it currently says we are not open for submissions.)
  • We like to publish news, reading dates, and information on new books, so if you’re a publisher, get in touch.  We can’t publish all of it, because we don’t want this to become a cesspool of “buy this book” posts, but we’ll run what we like when we have the space. To contact us, email “info” at paragraphline dot com.
  • We’re currently not publishing books or print anthologies. Once we come up with a wise idea for not losing tremendous amounts of money and wasting everyone’s time when we do this, we’ll start taking submissions again.
  • Our bloggers are a hand-picked team of hot-shit writers with various psychological problems, and we generally don’t let outsiders submit blog posts, to prevent another unfortunate psychotic break episode. However, if you’ve got a particularly good idea, feel free to contact us and pitch away. We’ve got a contact form over on the About Us page.
  • We don’t solicit books for review, because then we’d get stuck having to review shitty self-published YA vampire romance books, or be in the business of telling these authors to go screw.
  • We don’t review music. I wish I didn’t have to explain this. Ugh.