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On David Lynch’s Art Not Being David Lynch Enough

Six-men-getting-sick-featureSo David Lynch has an art exhibit at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. And Ken Johnson at the New York Times has accused it of not being “Lynchian” enough. I’ll let you read more of the argument over at Dangerous Minds:

David Lynch not being Lynchian enough according to New York Times | Dangerous Minds.

My first thought on seeing the headline was “oh shit, that new Twin Peaks is gonna suck.”  But then I read half of the art at the show is stuff he did before he was even a filmmaker.  And looking at the walk-through on youtube makes me think the art critic is full of shit.  Then I remembered all critics are full of shit.  (And I’m a critic too, and so am I.)

Anyway, check out the aforementioned YouTube link.  And for fuck’s sake, if you’re east of the Mississippi, go to this thing; it closes in January.

Art dies every minute you don’t read this article

At long last, Isa Genzken is getting some recognition. “She is up to no good.”

For those of you who don’t know her, and I assume that’s a good 99.9 percent of you, Isa Genzken is probably the most innovative and undeniably weird artist of the past half-century. She uses found objects and creates bizarre visions of architecture. Her proposed new World Trade Center, for instance, is much better than the Tallest Building in America Ever that ended up being erected, in my humble opinion. You can tell me that I’m full of shit in the comments.

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