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The January 20th Secret Society

Our esteemed idiot editor-in-chief Jon Konrath has a birthday today.  He has a college buddy (Bill Perry) with the same birthday, and they used to go to Las Vegas every year and celebrate by vomiting in expensive steakhouses and hitting on a hard 20.  (Well, Konrath did, anyway.)

A strange and impressive list of individuals were also born on the 20th day of the Gregorian calendar, which Konrath claims is his secret society.  It’s not clear if they have a special handshake or meet at the Bohemian Grove, but it’s possible.

Other January 20th birthdays:

  • Richard Henry Lee – politician, called for the US to secede from Great Britain.
  • Andre Ampere – physicist, father of electrodynamics; the Amp is named after him.
  • Harold Gray – creator of Little Orphan Annie.
  • George Burns – actor
  • Aristotle Onassis – had JFK assassinated to get with his wife.
  • Federico Fellini – director
  • DeForest Kelley – Bones on Star Trek.
  • Slim Whitman – musician, yodeler
  • Patricia Neal – actress
  • Rudy Boesch – asshole Marine from Survivor
  • Buzz Aldrin – second man on the moon
  • David Lynch – director, pie enthusiast
  • Ian Hill – bassist for Judas Priest
  • Paul Stanley – Kiss guitarist
  • Bill Maher – comedian and antagonist
  • Lorenzo Lamas – actor
  • Scott Thunes – bassist for Fear
  • Will Wright – computer game designer, inventor of Sim City
  • Ozzie Guillen – baseball player/manager
  • Tracii Guns – glam metal guitarist
  • Rainn Wilson – actor
  • Melissa Rivers – actor, sort of
  • Kerri Kenney-Silver – actress, comedian
  • Skeet Ulrich – actor
  • Questlove – DJ, drummer
  • Brian Giles – baseball player
  • David Eckstein – baseball player
  • Joy Giovanni – pro wrestling valet
  • Geovany Soto – baseball player

Anyway, go wish Konrath a happy birthday and buy some of his books.