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What does the future of these here United States of ‘Merica look like?

Let us travel to the Happy Dystopia… to the Great Steaming Heart of our Nation… to the city of Detroit. It’s a delightful place, mostly empty now. For kicks, some of the residents like to burn down big portions of what was once the car capital of the world. What is Detroit now? It is our future. Take sequestration, the solution that is now the law of the land, and go forward in time to about ten years from now, when the Federal government no longer has money to maintain any Federal property (that includes the Interstate system, by the way, and all the ships in the Navy, and all the airplanes in the Air Force, and our national parks and… you get the idea), and has no one employee left to turn out the lights (no money for that either), and what you will have is a National Detroit.

But don’t worry. Robocop will be here by then to save us all. There’s a documentary that follows a Detroit Fire Engine company called, appropriately enough, Burn. It’s on Netflix instant. Go watch it.

Our future, and Detroit's present.