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Doug Liberty Presents Bandit the Dancing Raccoon

Chaos! Drunkenness! Florida! A talking raccoon!

Wait, what?

We’re proud to announce the latest from John Sheppard. It’s called Doug Liberty Presents Bandit the Dancing Raccoon. It’s a farcical romp that tells the tale of instant fame in the internet age.

Out now on Amazon in both print and kindle format. Check it out here.



5 Hints about Explosive Decompression

Explosive Decompression, a new novel by John L. Sheppard, will be published on Sept. 4, 2016 by Paragraph Line Books.

1. Why we’re on the brink of mass extinction (The Daily Beast).

2. A molecule of water can exist in six places at once (Vice). 

3. Bio coding language makes it easier to hack living cells (New Scientist).

4. Frankie Yankovic, “Pennsylvania Polka.”

5. Dalai Lama: Religion without quantum physics is an incomplete picture of reality (Vice).

Seven Outlaw Scumfucs

GGAllin“If you believe in the real underground of Rock ‘N’ Roll, then now is the time to do something about it…Talk is fucking cheap…It’s time to fight… Make them aware that the disease and the Scumfuc tradition is still spreading. We must live for the Rock ‘N’ Roll underground. It CAN be dark and dangerous again. It CAN be threatening to our society as it was meant to be. IT MUST BE UNCOMPROMISING. And with me as your leader, it will happen. I am ready to lead you, my allies, into the real Rock ‘N’ Roll underground. Let’s get started.” —From the GG Allin Manifesto

21 years ago this Saturday, we lost Kevin Michael “GG” (born Jesus Christ) Allin, before his mission to save rock n’ roll was complete. The following is a list of seven people continuing his Outlaw Scumfuc tradition:

1. Merle Allin: GG’s older brother Merle sports a sort of modified tickler mustache, dyed bright red to look as though someone sat on his face, then got their period, coupled with lengthy, dreadlocked sideburns. The bass player of GG’s final band, The Murder Junkies, Merle collects and sells serial killer artwork while overseeing his brother’s legacy. This past April, Merle unveiled The Resurrection of GG Allin, an exhibit in conjunction with L.A.’s Museum of Death, featuring the clothing GG was wearing on the night he died (not to be confused with the outfit he was buried in: a motorcycle jacket and jockstrap). The Murder Junkies still tour regularly, and released the album A Killing Tradition (with They Hate Us singer PP Duvay on vocals) last year. http://www.ggallin.com/


2. Spike Polite: Polite’s band, Sewage, was one of the opening acts for GG’s notorious last show at The Gas Station, on June 27, 1993—a show that ended in rioting after the power was cut, and saw GG, clad in ill-fitting Daisy Dukes and covered in poop, pied- pipering a pack of raucous punk rockers up and down the streets of the Lower East Side. In 1999, newspaper headlines all over New York screamed about Polite’s bad friendship choices after his name became associated with a grisly crime involving the slaying of his landlord. Released from prison a few years ago, Polite and a reformed Sewage play regularly around New York City, and a documentary film is in the works focusing on Spike’s adjustment to the technologically-savvy world that emerged while he was in prison, potentially answering the question, “How many punk rockers does it take to turn on an I-Pad?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btA0o9AI9RI   https://www.facebook.com/pages/SEWAGE-NYC-PUNK-ROCK/223918884799http://www.nydailynews.com/archives/boroughs/sex-drugs-rock-murder-punk-musician-set-stand-trial-99-landlord-slay-case-article-1.896518

3. Gene Gregorits: Gouging at his chest with a torn-open aluminum beer can during a 1989 reading in Boston, GG proclaimed, “My body is like paper.” When underground writer Gene Gregorits cut off his earlobe and ate it in 2012, “to promote books,” he said that the flap of flesh “tasted like beer.” In the same way that Allin’s talent as a songwriter was often completely overshadowed by his Rampaging Shit Warrior persona, Gregorits’ talent as a writer is often obscured by his melodramatic online antics, bitter rivalries, and gore shows. This past May, Gregorits accidentally- on- purpose slashed his arm while reading from one of his books at a Providence Gallery, the resulting wound requiring close to 50 stitches. The fans who didn’t flee in horror promptly showed their adulation by dipping their just-purchased books (in a few cases, their just-stolen books) in his blood as he was carted off to the emergency room. http://www.monastrellbooks.com/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CArN59xraw

4 & 5. Zoe Hansen and Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba: She’s beautiful and brash. His feuds are the stuff of punk rock history. Together, they own and operate New York City’s last real rock ‘n’ roll bar, Manitoba’s. When Richard’s not on tour with the Dictators NYC, or doing his radio show, and Zoe’s not writing, or working on the FEAR CITY custom clothing line she designs with Mary Raffaele of Cycle Sluts from Hell fame (it’s worth noting that the name FEAR CITY comes from the 1976 flyer put out by the City of New York to alert tourists to the crime wave that had overtaken the city at the time), they can be found there, behind the bar, doing their part to keep New York City gritty. http://www.manitobas.com/https://www.facebook.com/fearcitycustom


6. Tibbie X Kamikaze: A week after GG’s death, drug-addicted, and feeling despondent after the discovery of his girlfriend’s body in the back of serial killer Joel Rifkin’s truck, Reagan Youth singer and co-founder Dave Insurgent ended his life with an overdose of antidepressants. This could have been the end of the seminal NYC band, but they’ve soldiered on, with a new line-up featuring Gash singer Tibbie X on bass. Known for her aggressive vocals and in your face stage style, she’s working with original guitarist Paul Cripple on a new album of songs about Dave’s life. http://www.reagan-youth.com/paulcripplehttp://tibbiex.tumblr.com/       http://www.crimelibrary.com/serial_killers/predators/rifkin/1.html
7. Duane Peters: It’s been a tough year for US Bombs singer and O.G skateboard legend Duane “Master of Disaster” Peters. After going M.I.A this past February, clad in only a hospital gown, his ex-wife, original Nashville Pussy bassist Corey Parks put out an S O S online, trying to track him down amidst rumors of legal trouble and concerns for his state of mind. Thankfully, things seem to be on the up and up for the man who invented scores of skateboard tricks, including “the acid drop” and “the loop of death.” Take care of yourself, Duane! The Outlaw cause needs you! No one ever said Scumfucing was easy! https://www.facebook.com/USBombs




North Korean science fiction and the Maoist road to Mars

S0021911813002404_fig1g1I bet Kim Jong-Un is a big Robert Heinlein guy. Just a guess.

Jeff sez, “The Journal of Asian Studies has two science fiction-related essays: a full-length study that focuses on North Korean sci-fi stories of the 1950s and 1960s, which were intended for children and influenced by Soviet works of the time; it’s paired with a shorter comment that explores parallels between texts Zur analyzes and SF produced in Mao era China.”
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(from Boing Boing)

What does the future of these here United States of ‘Merica look like?

Let us travel to the Happy Dystopia… to the Great Steaming Heart of our Nation… to the city of Detroit. It’s a delightful place, mostly empty now. For kicks, some of the residents like to burn down big portions of what was once the car capital of the world. What is Detroit now? It is our future. Take sequestration, the solution that is now the law of the land, and go forward in time to about ten years from now, when the Federal government no longer has money to maintain any Federal property (that includes the Interstate system, by the way, and all the ships in the Navy, and all the airplanes in the Air Force, and our national parks and… you get the idea), and has no one employee left to turn out the lights (no money for that either), and what you will have is a National Detroit.

But don’t worry. Robocop will be here by then to save us all. There’s a documentary that follows a Detroit Fire Engine company called, appropriately enough, Burn. It’s on Netflix instant. Go watch it.

Our future, and Detroit's present.

This is a holiday I can get behind

How were your holidays?  I personally got stuck in this 19th century hellhole with cold temperatures and inbred rednecks pumping out babies like a yeast infection in a sugar factory.  I know some people love Christmas, but some people loved the Vietnam war, too.

While cruising around on my WikiReader and praying for an airline to fall out of the sky and hit my poorly constructed economy hotel, I stumbled across the holiday of Takanakuy, which sounds goddamn genius.

Listen to this: Takanakuy is a Quechua holiday that loosely translates to “when the blood is boiling.”  It conveniently takes place on December 25th, so that’s easy to remember.  Basically, people get completely loaded up on alcohol, dress up as slave masters and spirit animals, and then march into town and beat the shit out of each other.  Dig:

The procession to the fighting site starts with a high pitched falsetto through the streets. The procession is family oriented as a preparation for the young children who will see the violent fights later on in the day. Children also dress up for the occasion, usually resembling their father’s character. The purpose of the fighting is to settle conflicts with an individual, friend, family member or to settle territorial conflicts that have come up throughout the year.

I know that American culture already practices similar rituals involving Wal-Mart employees and people wanting a good deal on an XBox, but it seems like something more similar to this Andean custom would be big here in the US.  People pay insane amounts of money on MMA pay-per-views, and the movie Fight Club is a goddamned sacrament to an entire generation.  Maybe next year, instead of dressing up as an obese man from the Arctic circle, we could all march down to the city square and beat the fuck out of each other.  Any takers?