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Read an excerpt of Atmospheres by Jon Konrath

Ben John Smith runs a hell of a site out of Australia called Horror Sleaze Trash. He recently published an excerpt of PL editor Jon Konrath’s latest book, Atmospheres. It’s a dark and twisted book that’s hard to explain, but an incredible read.

Check it out here, and while you’re there, read some of the other great stuff there. He’s really into gritty Bukowskian poetry and half-naked hot chicks, and there’s a lot of both on the site.

Also, you should probably head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Konrath’s book here.

Get the complete Prisoner scripts online!

I was always a big fan of the TV show The Prisoner, partly because I listened to too much Iron Maiden as a teenager and about 37% of their songs were about the show, and partly because it wasn’t on our five TV channels and I could only see it when I was out of town and staying up all night, flipping through the high UHF channels. Zack writes, “Here’s a collection of PDFs of ALL the original scripts to Patrick McGoohan’s surreal cult classic, along with several unmade scripts and several multiple drafts of episodes. It’s the next-best-thing to being in The Village, minus the brainwashing and evil weather balloons.” via¬†Boing Boing