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Eddie Little remembered

Frequent contributor to Paragraph Line Joseph Hirsch wrote a great piece about Eddie Little for Up and Down These Mean Streets. Little was a career criminal who could write well “…unlike say, James Ellroy or Elmore Leonard, who had to rely more on imagination than experience when it came to telling their tales.”

Read more at http://www.donherron.com/?p=6435

Joey has written some terrific crime novels himself, including Ohio At Dusk, Rolling Country and the forthcoming Flash Blood. He has also written a book that should be a science fiction cult novel, The Last Slice of Pizza.

Ellroy interview

I hate hipsters, I hate liberals, I hate rock’n’rollers, I hate the counter-culture, I hate movie people. I want to go somewhere quiet, peaceful and decorous, and be radical in my mind. I have fatuous American ideas about Britain. I want to go to the moors. I want to buy a shotgun from Purdey for a lot of money, but I understand it’s tough to buy a gun – you can’t just walk in and say, “I’m an American, give me that gun.” … The potential nightmare for me is I go to Britain and all I see is like in LA; meth labs, white trash and women with tattoos.


Meanwhile, while James Ellroy contemplates leaving sickening America, Martin Amis has already left England for America, because England sickens him. The grass being greener, and all.