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Read an excerpt of Jon Konrath’s Atmospheres at Bizarro Central

Atmospheres_Cover_for_KindleBizarro Central, the cult publisher of the strange and, well, bizarre, runs a flash fiction Friday that’s always got some choice stuff. This week, they’re running an excerpt from Jon Konrath’s recent book Atmospheres.

Check it out here. And it’s worth it to go back through the rest of their Friday posts.

And if you haven’t checked this book out yet, you really should. Grab it in print or on the kindle. Drink some NyQuil and flip it open to any random page. Fun stuff.


Read an excerpt of Atmospheres by Jon Konrath

Ben John Smith runs a hell of a site out of Australia called Horror Sleaze Trash. He recently published an excerpt of PL editor Jon Konrath’s latest book, Atmospheres. It’s a dark and twisted book that’s hard to explain, but an incredible read.

Check it out here, and while you’re there, read some of the other great stuff there. He’s really into gritty Bukowskian poetry and half-naked hot chicks, and there’s a lot of both on the site.

Also, you should probably head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Konrath’s book here.

The January 20th Secret Society

Our esteemed idiot editor-in-chief Jon Konrath has a birthday today.  He has a college buddy (Bill Perry) with the same birthday, and they used to go to Las Vegas every year and celebrate by vomiting in expensive steakhouses and hitting on a hard 20.  (Well, Konrath did, anyway.)

A strange and impressive list of individuals were also born on the 20th day of the Gregorian calendar, which Konrath claims is his secret society.  It’s not clear if they have a special handshake or meet at the Bohemian Grove, but it’s possible.

Other January 20th birthdays:

  • Richard Henry Lee – politician, called for the US to secede from Great Britain.
  • Andre Ampere – physicist, father of electrodynamics; the Amp is named after him.
  • Harold Gray – creator of Little Orphan Annie.
  • George Burns – actor
  • Aristotle Onassis – had JFK assassinated to get with his wife.
  • Federico Fellini – director
  • DeForest Kelley – Bones on Star Trek.
  • Slim Whitman – musician, yodeler
  • Patricia Neal – actress
  • Rudy Boesch – asshole Marine from Survivor
  • Buzz Aldrin – second man on the moon
  • David Lynch – director, pie enthusiast
  • Ian Hill – bassist for Judas Priest
  • Paul Stanley – Kiss guitarist
  • Bill Maher – comedian and antagonist
  • Lorenzo Lamas – actor
  • Scott Thunes – bassist for Fear
  • Will Wright – computer game designer, inventor of Sim City
  • Ozzie Guillen – baseball player/manager
  • Tracii Guns – glam metal guitarist
  • Rainn Wilson – actor
  • Melissa Rivers – actor, sort of
  • Kerri Kenney-Silver – actress, comedian
  • Skeet Ulrich – actor
  • Questlove – DJ, drummer
  • Brian Giles – baseball player
  • David Eckstein – baseball player
  • Joy Giovanni – pro wrestling valet
  • Geovany Soto – baseball player

Anyway, go wish Konrath a happy birthday and buy some of his books.

New flash from Gager and Konrath at In Between Altered States

In Between Altered States is a zine of mind-bending flash fiction, edited by Aleathia Drehmer. Its 23rd monthly issue just came out, with the theme of “torture”. It includes flash from long-time AITPL contributor Timothy Gager and editor Jon Konrath.

Head on over and check out Gager’s “Chiller” and Konrath’s “The Locality Principle”, plus six more awesome pieces of flash.

Rumored to Exist eBook Now Available

“One day in 1971, Ozzy and Tony Iommi took 47 hits of acid and just outside of Newark, New Jersey accidentally found the giant tablets of gold from which the Mormon religion was founded.  They decided it would be wise to melt it into a giant bong and take it on the road with them in a converted tractor-trailer.  With the aid of an early prototype of the first Apple computer, they hired several technicians and wrote a text-based video game based on the works and philosophy of John Locke, where you used the paddle controller to navigate corpuscles through a maze drawn with *’s and %’s.  However, in the course of developing the first video game, they sold all of the gold plates to fund the venture.  And after another acid bender, Ozzy had a vision of Locke arisen from the dead.  He sold his Apple computer to buy thousands of gallons of pure, artesian water for the mammoth bong that did not exist.  Ozzy went insane, and in a few years, Ronnie James Dio was trying to sing ‘Iron Man’ to clubs full of disgruntled Sabbath fans.”

-from section 99 of Rumored to Exist

Paragraph Line Books is proud to announce that Jon Konrath’s second novel Rumored to Exist has been released as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle store and via Smashwords.  It’s now available for only $2.99, in a new revised edition.

Rumored to Exist is a collection of 201 vignettes or flash fiction pieces, loosely tied together into a non-linear narrative about a protagonist attempting to find meaning in a bizarre near-future world. It’s a densely packed stew of ideas flashed together, morphing between dreams, emails, conversations, and action. It’s a novel in the style of Naked Lunch, written for today’s short-attention-span hypertextual world.

Influenced heavily by Burroughs, Mark Leyner, Raymond Federman, and Hunter S. Thompson, Jon Konrath knit together the dense patchwork of fiction over a seven-year period in a half-dozen cities across the US.

It’s also still available in its original print edition from iUniverse, but why spend $15.95 and wait a week to kill another tree, when you can spend under three bucks and check this out now?  There’s also a free preview available on both Amazon and Smashwords, so check out the first part for free.

More info


Buy it now


  • 264 pages (print)
  • ISBN: 978-0595234769 (print, iUniverse)
  • ISBN: 978-0-9844223-1-9 (eBook, Kindle)
  • ISBN: 978-1-4581-0977-4 (eBook, Smashwords)