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Your shitty free movie of the week… this week: The Wild and the Wicked

The Wild and The Wicked (A.K.A. Flesh Merchant)

In this documentary, we follow Sarah Palin, who arrives at her sister’s place in Hollywood, fresh off the bus from Alaska, and follow her as she is vetted by the Republican Party to become John McCain’s vice presidential candidate. We see the entire vetting process, from beginning to end. It’s a savage, but delicate process. We witness Republicans in their natural habitat, here referred to as “The Colony.”

“I’m the eppy-tomey of unconsciousness!” says Karl Rove (code-named “Joker”) who is definitely not a cheap chiseler, no sirree!

“A little cooperation is all we ask around here and nobody gets hurt,” says Steve Schmidt, McCain’s operative. He is hunted down by Democrats disguised as policemen, but acquits himself well with a Legally Obtained Firearm, thus defending the Second Amendment, the most important amendment to the Constitution.

“No laughter, no living, no love,” whispers Palin’s sister.

A fellow female Republican, Senator Susan Collins, tells Palin, “This party’s not for us, you know.” But Palin fails to listen, as she admires the trinkets showered upon her by billionaire donors.

At the end, with the bright lights of the “lame stream media” upon her, she accepts her fate.