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Thomas Frank, former editor of The Baffler, talks about “inequality” over at Salon.

“Inequality” is not some minor technical glitch for the experts to solve; this is the Big One. This is the very substance of American populism; this is what has brought together movements of average people throughout our history. Offering instruction on the subject in a classroom at Berkeley may be enlightening for the kids in attendance but it is fundamentally the wrong way to take on the problem, almost as misguided as it would be if we turned the matter over to the 1 percent themselves and got a bunch of billionaires together at Davos to offer pointers on how to stop them from beating us over and over again in the game of life.

More: http://www.salon.com/2014/02/23/paul_krugman_wont_save_us_we_need_a_new_conversation_about_inequality/

(Try to savor the irony of the barrage of ads you get force-fed at Salon while reading an anti-capitalist invective, by the way.)